Assesses whether an investigational treatment can slow the earliest changes that occur in the brain during Alzheimer’s disease

More Details About the Study

What is the AHEAD study about?

  • The AHEAD study is seeking individuals who are interested in participating in clinical trials that are aimed at preventing memory problems in the future.
  • It is comprised of two different clinical trials testing the same investigational treatment (known as BAN2401 (lecanemab) in people who may be at risk for memory problems.

What does the AHEAD study involve?

  • The AHEAD study tests whether an investigational treatment can slow or stop the earliest brain changes due to Alzheimer’s disease in people with a higher risk of developing the disease later in life.
  • Participants will have in-clinic assessments, memory testing, and must have a study partner.

Am I eligible to participate?

We are enrolling individuals who are:

  • 55-80 years old
  • Cognitively normal
  • At an increased risk of Alzheimer’s-related memory loss (such as family history)

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