Trial-Ready Cohort for the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia (TRC-PAD)

This study will enroll participants who are “at-risk” for developing Alzheimer’s so they can be ready when a study drug for them becomes available.
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More Details About the Study

What is the TRC-PAD study about?

The goal of TRC-PAD is to build a large group or “cohort” of individuals who are interested in joining clinical trials aimed at reducing the risk for Alzheimer’s. We seek cognitively normal or only slightly impaired individuals who will be evaluated and assessed for biomarkers, tested and notified when a clinical trial that is appropriate for them becomes available.

What are the qualifications for TRC-PAD? Am I eligible to participate?

We are enrolling individuals who are:

  • 50 – 85 years old 
  • Have an increased risk for memory loss such as family history
  • Are fluent in English or Spanish; and
  • Are in good general health.

What will I do during the study?

You will be asked to have a brain scan called a Positron Emission Tomography scan or a PET scan; take memory  tests; and have routine blood draws. Participants will have clinic visits every 6 months until they qualify for drug clinical trial, and are then given the option of joining.

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